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Machine Servicing

Along side the machinery that we can supply County Strapping are also able to provide full service backup  to all of the equipment that we sell, through our service engineers throughout the UK. This can include maintenance contracts, machine servicing, breakdown call outs and spare parts.

We are also able to service and repair machines that you may already have from other suppliers/manufacturers.

With engineers based in the North East of England,Yorkshire, the Midlands, Bristol and Hampshire we are able to provide cover to all all areas. We can also provide engineering  services for Northern and the republic of Ireland.



County Strapping can also supply the consumables that the machines we supply and service use. Including

Hand Polypropylene Strap - Hand Polyester Strap - Corded and Woven Strap

Buckles and Seals

Machine Polyester and Polypropylene Strap.

Steel strap.

Hand Stretch Wrap - Machine Stretch Wrap

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Stretch Wrap

To secure your product to a pallet Stretch Wrapping is a quick and convenient way to do this.

Machines in many configurations can be supplied.

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